History and Scope

It is with pleasure that we can introduce to you the seventh international conference of Solid State Chemistry that proceeds those held at Karlovy Vary (1986), Pardubice (1989), Bratislava (1996), Prague (2000), Bratislava (2002), Prague (2004), Pardubice (2006), Bratislava (2008) and Prague (2010). The conference series was founded by prof. Frumar as a symposium for scientists from ”eastern block” countries to meet and exchange ideas with leading scientists, working in the field of solid state chemistry, from ”western” countries. Since this origin, once the political restrictions on free scientific meetings were wavered, the symposium has developed into an open international conference dedicated to the exchanging of ideas in the field of solid state chemistry, chemistry and physics of novel inorganic materials. New concepts, approaches, fundamental understanding, as well as the application aspects of inorganic materials have been discussed. The conference has become a truly international event with a worldwide geographical distribution of the participants.
The conference will be a forum for the presentation of new research results in the area of solid state chemistry and also bridge the gap between scientific understanding and technical requirements and application, so that the enormous future potential of solid state chemistry, materials and technologies, is realized effectively.
The Conference also encompasses different fields of solid state chemistry and physics, which is reflected in the conference aim of being a forum for discussion of all types of inorganic solids.