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TRANSPORT INFORMATION For information about flights to/from Prague (Praha Ruzyne) including timetable you can click here.

You can decide between following means of transport between Praha Ruzyne(airport), Praha-hlavni nadrazi (railway station) and Pardubice (railway station) Transport from the airport "Praha Ruzyne" to the main railway-station "Praha - Hlavni nadrazi" and back (Praha = Prague)

1. You can take taxi to the Prague main railway station (Hlavni nadrazi), which is the simplest but rather expensive way (around 700 Czech crowns/taxi).
2. Bus directly to Prague main railway station (Hlavni nadrazi), Airport Express. It costs 50 CZK. You pay directly in bus to bus driver. Stop is at airport Terminal 2 on arrival level outside the terminal.
3. You can take public transport bus from airport, which is the cheapest but it takes 1 hour (one ticket is for 32 Czech crowns/person and is valid for 90 min for all kind of public transport). In this case take bus number 119. The bus stop is directly in front of airport building. It is necessary to buy ticket before. Ticket machines are directly in front of airport building on the bus stop or inside airport terminal at arrivals hall. By bus number 119 you should go around 30 min to the final stop "Dejvicka". At stop "Dejvicka" you need to change to the METRO line A, then change at stop "Muzeum" for Metro line C and go one stop to "Hlavni nadrazi".
Transport from the main railway-station "Praha - Hlavni nadrazi" to Pardubice and back (Praha = Prague)

The simplest and the cheapest way is to go by train.
Trains from Prague main railway station (Hlavni nadrazi) to Pardubice depart almost every hour and tickets price depend on the train class (245 CZK = 10 EUR). Trains with symbol SC (super city) are more expensive with assigned vagon and seat number Railway timetable you can find here (!!! remember - if searching for connection, put Praha instead of Prague in search form).

How to get from the Pardubice railway station to Faculty of Chemical Technology - Pardubice (Polabiny). (where SSC2012 takes place) and to/from hotels

A simple scheme of Pardubice you can find.
1. You can take a taxi from railway station (nadrazi CD), which is the simplest but rather expensive way (around 200 Czech crowns/taxi).
2. You can take a bus or a trolley bus. At first you have to buy the ticket. One ticket is for 14 CZK (i.e., around 0.7 USD, 0.5 EUR) per person for both bus and trolley bus. The tickets you can buy in the newspaper shop in the railway station or in front of it.
3. You can walk from the railway station to University Campus as well. It is around 30 minutes to go. From the railway station turn to the right and go straight while you see supermarket TESCO and shopping centre AFI Palace and turn to the left around it. Then go around Hotel Labe and around Ice-Hockey Stadium over the bridge (river Elbe). Still straight around petrol stations OMV behind the crossroad you see University Campus.

Weather in June

Pardubice is situated in the lowland in the junction of Labe (Elbe) and Chrudimka rivers. The weather in the first half of June is usually very nice, sunny days with average temperature around 20-25 degrees of Celsius - 60 degrees of Fahrenheit.